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As a Hapimag shareholder or member, you have the opportunity to exchange information with Hassan Kadbi and other shareholders and members via the CEO Blog.

Coronavirus – how is Hapimag doing?

We will continue to feel to impact of the coronavirus crisis for a long time to come. To give you an idea of how Hapimag is doing, allow me to share with you the most important figures and developments.


Coronavirus Crisis – Book your holiday with Hapimag

We all need to continue to stand together and support Hapimag. I am grateful that we count on you. A crisis always offers opportunities and generates new ideas. Let’s make the most of them!


Review of 2019 – a good year for Hapimag

In taking a look back at recent months, we can see that we have come a great deal closer to achieving our goals. Hapimag is progressing positively, our guests are happy and I can already say that we are expecting a good annual result for 2019.


The new Points Platform gets off to a great start

In mid-July we launched our new online Points Platform aimed at making it easier to buy and sell Hapimag residence points. The early response after the initial phase is good: we see that brisk use is being made of the platform. I would like to say a big thank you to all of our users – especially for your valuable feedback, which we have been able to use as a basis for improvements.


Digital communication opens up opportunities

Digital communication boosts efficiency, cuts costs and can contribute towards a clean environment. We’ve taken our first few steps in the right direction and there’s still quite a bit more to come. A brief summary.


“I love Hapimag because ... ”

Tell us why! What makes you happy when you think about Hapimag? We can then let others share our enthusiasm.


Are our apartment categories still up to date?

In this CEO Blog I would like to discuss the topic of apartment categories. How important are the Deluxe, Premium, Comfort or Budget categories to you? Could you envisage other options?