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Hapimag Annual General Meeting elects new Board of Directors

The shareholders of Hapimag AG approved all proposals of the Board of Directors at the 56th Annual General Meeting, which took place at the company’s headquarters in Steinhausen.
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With eVoting, you can easily vote electronically from home. To do this, we need a one-off declaration of consent from you.


Voting participation 2020 was at a higher level than in the previous year. Thank you very much for your support!

Annual General Meeting

Personal participation in 2020 was unfortunately not possible due to the corona pandemic.

The most important questions and answers

During which time period can I vote?
You can vote after receipt of your invitation at the end of March 2020. The last opportunity to submit your vote for the upcoming Annual General Meeting is 22 April 2020. By this date, you must have either voted online or your instructions must be at the voting office already if you are voting by post. 

Who is eligible to vote?
All shareholders who are registered in the company's share register as of 2 March 2020 are entitled to vote.

What voting options are available to me?
You can place your vote from the comfort of your own home. The quickest and easiest way is online through eVoting on your computer or iPad, by clicking on the corresponding instructions, or you can fill out your instructions by hand and send these to the voting office by post. In both cases, the Independent Proxy will execute your instructions at the Annual General Meeting held on 24 April 2020. Alternatively, you may grant a voting proxy to an authorized shareholder, for example a shareholders' association, in writing. 

How does it work with an Independent Proxy?
All instructions received electronically or by post are represented by the Independent Proxy, commissioned by Hapimag, who will be present at the Annual General Meeting. This is a Swiss notary who votes exclusively according to the instructions of shareholders.

Who is the Independent Proxy?
Florian Schneider, a Swiss notary. He is at Hapimag’s disposal exclusively within the framework of a client relationship for the Annual General Meeting. This is the sole mandate that he exercises for Hapimag. He is independent and does not assume any advisory role – this means that he votes exclusively according to the instructions of shareholders and does not provide any recommendations.

Will the independent proxy vote as per my wishes?
Yes. The independent proxy always votes as per the wishes of each individual shareholder. He is legally obliged to do so. Neither the Executive Board nor third parties have any influence over his work. The authorised proxy is Swiss notary Florian Schneider. He follows your instructions under the utmost confidence and in accordance with the strict statutory guidelines

Please note: should you authorize the proxy without issuing any voting instructions on the agenda items, the proxy will vote in accordance with the proposals made by the Board of Directors.

Have I already voted by signing the declaration of consent for eVoting?
No, not yet. You have only declared that you will use the eVoting system. You will receive your login details together with your invitation to the Annual General Meeting in good time in March. As of this date you are able to vote.

What is eVoting?
eVoting is an electronic method for submitting instructions to the independent Proxy to exercise your voting right at the Annual General Meeting.

How can I use eVoting?
The prerequisite for using this method is that you are a Hapimag shareholder and that you have returned the one-off shareholder proxy and declaration of consent for participation in eVoting to Hapimag.

Have you done this already? Print out this document, fill it in and send the signed original to Hapimag. You will then receive login details for the use of eVoting together with the invitation to the Annual General Meeting.

Why do I need a declaration of consent?
The electronic method of submitting paperless instructions to the independent Proxy and unique identification of the shareholder are only possible in this way. A written declaration of consent must only be submitted once to obtain the login details for eVoting each subsequent year with the invitation to the Annual General Meeting.

Is there an effective date for participation in eVoting?
Yes. To be able to use eVoting for the Annual General Meeting 2020, the proxy must be received in original by Hapimag by 20 February 2020 at the latest so that the login details for subsequent electronic instructions to the independent Proxy can be generated in good time.

Where can I see whether I have already registered for eVoting?
You can see whether or not you have already registered for eVoting in the Booking Portal.

Do I have to submit my vote to eVoting every year?
No. If you have already returned an original signed copy of the shareholder proxy and declaration of consent for participation in eVoting, you will not have to send us a new one in subsequent years. This will apply until revocation.

Where do I find the access data for eVoting?
New access data is sent each year with the invitation to the Annual General Meeting.

By signing the declaration of consent, am I giving Hapimag authority to act as my proxy?
No, you are not giving Hapimag authority to act as your proxy. You will only enter into discussions and come to an agreement in a second stage once you have received the access data and the agenda for the Annual General Meeting in March. At this stage, you will make your own individual decision. An independent proxy will gather your votes and make sure that they are placed at the Annual General Meeting.

When will the next Annual General Meeting take place?
The Annual General Meeting for 2021 will take place on Friday, 30 April 2021.

How and when will I receive an invitation?
Hapimag shareholders will receive the invitation by post at least 20 days before the Annual General Meeting.

Why is no personal participation possible this year?

Due to the extraordinary situation in connection with the Covid-19 situation, the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders will be held on the basis of Art. 6a para. 1 of Ordinance 2 of the Swiss Federal Council of 13 March 2020 (COVID-19 Ordinance 2 of 16 March 2020) on Measures to Combat the Coronavirus, excluding the personal participation of shareholders. Personal attendance at the Annual General Meeting on April 24, 2020 is therefore excluded.

All shareholders may grant the independent proxy a written or electronic power of attorney with instructions. Shareholders who have registered for physical participation in the Waldmannhalle, CH-Baar will be sent the power of attorney again, with the request to return it as soon as possible